Arguably Championship Manager is up there with World of Warcraft and Tetris in the running for "most addictive game of all time". As we reported would be the case, it's now got a leg-up on its rivals as it's been released for the iPhone.

Championship Manager for the iPhone and iPod touch basically lets you look after your football team whilst on the bus. It includes multiple league and job options, player training, board interaction and press conferences.

"We're excited to continue to evolve the features and think players are going to love it", Roy Meredith, general manager of Championship Manager, told Pocket-Lint.

Championship Manager's main competitor - Football Manager - is taking a different approach. Publishers Sega launched a massively-multiplayer version back in January called Football Manager Live.

The iPhone version of Championship Manager is available for download now on Apple's App Store, and costs £3.49.