Celebrity Twitterer Stephen Fry got the games world in a gossip frenzy this morning with a tweet teasing about a "2nd edition" of a video game.

Fry's morning tweet read: "Morning all. In studio today voicing 2nd edition of a video game. Will check when I'm there if I'm allowed to say what it is..."

A fair few gaming sites correctly guessed that the entertainer was eluding to was LittleBigPlanet on PSP, confirmed by Sony earlier this yar.

Fry apparently since got the go-ahead to reveal all with a later Twitter post confirming:

"I've come to the end of a lush voice-athon and yes, am empowered to confess that it was for a new PSP version of Little Big Planet".

The PSP version, voiced by everyone's favourite Twitterer, as was the PS3 version, is due out this autumn.