The boss behind the newly-announced online game streaming service OnLive, Steve Perlman, has defended the system's technology in an interview with the BBC.

Perlman says thousands of man hours have resulted in a "revolutionary video compression algorithm and custom silicon" that sees OnLive turn games into data sent across the net to the OnLive hardware or software plug-in, which then decompresses the data back into video.

"We have nine of the largest game publishers in the world signed up", Perlman told the Beeb. "They have spent several years in some cases actually going and reviewing our technology before allowing us to associate with their company names and allowing us to have access to their first-tier franchises".

Perlman claims a broadband connection of 5Mbps will be fast enough for high definition gaming, while 1.5Mbps will be good for standard definition. Beta testing will take place this summer with the service scheduled to launch in the winter.