Pocket-lint has brought you news of a good handful of the best April Fool stories this morning, but there are lots more out there. See below for a round up of the best of the rest:

Google's complex Cadie spoof

Google announced


, the world's first "artificial intelligence" tasked-array system with far-reaching applications from making Chrome 3D to brain search via auto-replying to your Gmail for you.

The Guardian goes Twitter-only



announced it was to be published entirely via Twitter, with experts weighing in to say any story can be told in 140 characters or less.

BMW Magnetic Tow Technology

Following previous April Fools that have included a glove box oven to cook your dinner on the way home, this year's offering from BMW saw them introduce the BMW Magnetic Tow Technology that locks on to the car in front via an enhanced magnetic beam so you can save petrol. "For once, we're happy to be behind the competition", reads the advert.

Palm's PomaGranate phone

Palm released a viral for its forthcoming

PomaGranate phone

, an all-one-device that mock's the modern consumers thirst for ultra-converged devices, complete with harmonica and a global voice translator.

Expedia's flights to Mars

Online travel company Expedia offered cheap flights to


for just $99, an amazing saving of three trillion off the normal fare.

PocketGamer's boob app news

PocketGamer had news of new

boob-themed apps

for the iPhone that saw EA Mobile and Gameloft going chest-to-chest with busty games.

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