Games maker PopCap has revealed results of a "pilot study" that set out to assess if casual gaming could aid weight loss.

The company has concluded that "casual gaming could be an effective tool in the fight against obesity by helping dieters control their cravings".

Although PopCap admits the trial was "scientifically inconclusive" and "hampered by some participants not finishing", the games co claims that those who managed to stay the course said playing PopCap's "Bejeweled Twist" to distract from snack attacks had 100% success in beating cravings and lifting mood.

The dietician who conducted the research, Nigel Denby says: "On all occasions Bejeweled Twist was used, it prevented eating due to a craving, with participants reporting forgetting about their cravings whilst playing the game".

PopCap's message to dieters appears to be "try topping your highest Bejeweled Twist score while fumbling with a bag of crisps!". It plans further research later in the year.