As we reported, Capcom's publicity stunt for the launch of Resident Evil 5 that saw a number of replica, gory, chopped up body parts hidden around central London went wrong as the company lost a number of the parts.

Since then one Pocket-lint reader has got in touch with us to reveal that he found - and kept - one of the disembodied heads.

David Murphy, who turned up to the hunt hoping to participate with a chance to win the prize of the African holiday, decided to keep his head after realising there was no way he could win.

Murphy told us: "Once everyone realised one group had cheated by starting 2 hours early we all decided to keep the body parts as a keepsake".

"I couldn't resist keeping the head as it's freakily realistic. Contrary to Capcom's fears I'll only use it for good - winning Halloween contests and scaring the crap out of my housemates".

Capcom is still missing two torsos, and a number of arms of legs, and has since warned the general public on the potential dangers of the dismembered limbs.

"I'm also thankful they warned us about the raw chicken liver, as licking it was high on my agenda", David told Pocket-lint.