It seems publicity stunt organisers who hid a number of gory replica body parts around Central London this morning as part of a Resident Evil 5-themed treasure hunt, have lost their heads. Literally.

From the three heads, three torsos and 12 arms and legs hidden at various locations around Trafalgar Square, only two heads, one torso and six legs were returned by players - yet the fake body parts disappeared from all the locations they were hidden.

The organisers are now apparently concerned that these may be mistaken for real body parts and spark alarm.

A spokesman for the company behind the treasure hunt said: "The body parts are very realistic and we don't want people to be alarmed by them.

"They've all been taken from their original positions, but we now have no idea where they are. If you have them, please either return them, or dispose of them in a responsible and careful manner.

The spokesman added: "In addition, chicken livers were used for added gore, and, uncooked, they can be dangerous". You know, just in case you were thinking about making them into a tasty snack.

The competition was launched to mark the release of the highly-anticipated game on Friday, but didn't go without a hitch.

Apparently seeing people walking around at rush hour clutching decapitated heads and covered in blood was enough to offend some people, and the police were called to the competition finish line on Westminster Bridge, prompting an early finish to the competition.

Still, Steve Long, a 26-year-old IT consultant from London was named the winner for collecting the most body parts, and received a holiday for two to Africa, where Resident Evil 5 is set.