In what can only be described as a hint of marketing genius, Capcom has organised a Resident Evil-themed treasure hunt in London on Thursday 12 March - the day before the game's release.

Fans who register their details with will be emailed clues for the hunt, but being Resident Evil, you know you aren't going to be seeking out gold chains and diamonds.

No - instead of treasure, you will in fact be on the look out for "body parts" left behind by the infected.

These body parts will be hidden in and around Trafalgar Square tomorrow morning, and players must find as many as they can and take them to Westminster Bridge by 11am.

Once there, players will need to make their presence known by shouting "Kijuju" - the area that Resident Evil 5 is set in. They will then be approached to have their points counted up, scoring 2 points for arms, 2 points for legs, 3 points for torsos and 5 points for a head.

Obviously the more body parts you get, the more points you score, and the player with the most points by 11am will win a holiday to Africa.

The game begins at 9am, and Capcom has warned "it's going to be messy", so if you fancy getting involved, it's probably a good idea not to wear your Sunday best. Happy hunting!