Activision has announced the downloadable tracks for March, and it seems gamers can expect some rock and roll classics from the likes of Queen and Jimi Hendrix, as well as some European favourites as well.

This month, rockers will again be able to expand their set lists with more than 12 new songs.

First up on 5 March, Guitar Hero World Tour’s global music library will be expanded with three new tracks from some of Europe’s greatest bands. The third European Track Pack will include "Break It Out" by Italian pop punk band Vanilla Sky, "In the Shadows" by Finland's The Rasmus, and "C'est Comme Ça" from French 80s pop rock duo, Les Rita Mitsouko.

As a follow-up to the third European Track Pack, rockers from the Netherlands, Germany and Spain will also be coming to Guitar Hero World Tour on 19 March.

You can expect "What Have You Done" from the Dutch symphonic rock/metal band Within Temptation, German punk band Die Toten Hosen with their 1988 hit “Hier Kommt Alex” and "Carolina" from Spanish rock band M-Clan.

Also on 19 March, Jimi Hendrix takes to the World Tour stage once again with another three song Track Pack for fans to try their hand at. It features singles "Freedom" and "Angel", as well as a live recording from Woodstock in 1969 of "Foxey Lady".

Additionally, the songs from the first Jimi Hendrix Track Pack – "If 6 was 9", "Little Wing" and “Fire" – will be available on 19 March as downloadable singles for Wii

Finally on 26 March, rock and roll superstars Queen take centre stage with a three song Queen Track Pack including some of the band's most iconic tracks.

You can expect power ballad, "We Are The Champions", "Fat Bottomed Girls" and 2008's "C-lebrity".

Also on 26 March, Bond fans will be able to download a new recording of the classic James Bond theme tune.

All of the Track Packs will be priced at 440 Microsoft Points on XBLA and £3.99 on the PlayStation Store. However, the songs will also be available as individual singles for 160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points or £1.59.