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(Pocket-lint) - iPhone users will now be able to play retro favourite Space Invaders and DS bestseller Cooking Mama, straight from their phone.

The games are now available at the App Store to play in English and Japanese having been developed by Taito - part of Square Enix.

This is Taito's first entry into the iPhone 3G/iPod Touch market but has said it will not be its last.

Space Invaders makes full use of the motion sensor offered by the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as other touch input methods.

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All the original techniques and tactics remain intact, but there is new bonus content for players to enjoy, including a look at the original game's development.

Cooking Mama, on the other hand, will have you chopping, frying and boiling ingredients from favourite recipes in past console instalments, and completely new recipes new to the series.

The game has also, apparently, been enhanced to make the most of the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch's multi-touch screen accelerometer, so you'll get a different type of experience from the one you may have played on your DS.

Both games are available now from the App Store, with Space Invaders costing £2.99 and Cooking Mama costing £3.99.

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Writing by Verity Burns.