6 years ago when I started the site we had a handful of visitors in our first couple of months. The Internet was young and so were we.

It was a time before cloud computing, before accessing the web on your phone, before technology and gadgets went mainstream.

Advancements in technology have meant that the world has got smaller while our audience has got bigger.

You only have to look at the thousands of comments we get each month on the site to realise that our audience is no longer just in the UK. Our coverage of the Gmail email outage saw comments coming in from all over the world, all within seconds of us breaking the story.

Our home might be in Ascot, Berkshire, but on average we see readers from over 200 countries visit Pocket-lint to check out the latest news, reviews, photos and videos that we offer every month.

So from today Pocket-lint.co.uk will become Pocket-lint.com.

The move, which should make no difference to you as a reader, will allow us to offer our diverse array of readers in Europe, the US, Australia and the world, that are missing out on the great Pocket-lint coverage, a chance to tune in to a site with a more international address.

But don't panic, we aren't suddenly going to be covering stories that aren't relevant to you. We are still a UK site, and that will still be at the core of our editorial coverage.

So what do you have to do? Well virtually nothing. We've copied the site across to the new pocket-lint.com URL, we've redirected our thousands of pages of content and are forwarding our emails too. If you've bookmarked us then if you want you can change it to the new .com and likewise our rss feeds will be changing to the new url too, however we will still continue to run the .co.uk links. If you're a member you will have to log back in again, and unfortunately if you've rearranged our homepage without becoming a member, you might have lost the settings as it is cookie based.

What's most exciting for me, is that this is just the first step in a number of new and exciting things to come from Pocket-lint in the coming months. Meaning the coverage we provide is even more relevant to you than any other site on the web that we know of.

As we always say - we will keep you posted,