Hours after Vodafone and HTC announced the new G1 rivalling Android-based "Magic", T-Mobile has revealed the top 10 most popular Android applications - and hinted at new ones to come.

The top ten most popular applications from Android Market are, in T-Mo's words:

1. The Weather Channel – Provides customisable weather maps and alerts

2. MySpace Mobile – Allows MySpace users to keep connected via their T-Mobile G1

3. ShopSavvy – Allows users to scan a product’s barcode and compare prices online

4. Daily Horoscope – Offers a daily fix of astrology

5. Free Dictionary Org – Works just like a traditional dictionary

6. Ringdroid – Allows users to create their own ringtones using MP3 tracks, or by recording their own

7. Backgrounds – 50,000 backgrounds available to customise your T-Mobile G1

8. Barcode Scanner – Similar to ShopSavvy, allows users to scan a CD or book’s barcode to look up prices or reviews

9. Save MMS – Allows users to save images, video or audio from MMS text messages directly to the G1’s memory card

10. Compare Everywhere – Another shopping comparison service that uses the G1’s camera to scan a product’s barcode to find out more information and comparative prices

New applications due to be added include Dopplr, a social travel application, the new Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile, Last.fm, a mobile version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", Tetris, and Monopoly.