If you can't get enough of your TV soaps, a new game based on all the goings on in Coronation Street is in development for the DS.

The game is being published by Mindscape, the company behind memorable classics such as Noddy and the Magic Clock, Omar Sharif 3D Bridge and Kookabonga Crazy Monkey Party, and promises "an adventure and task-based concept set within the theme of the famous fictional street".

Whether you're going to get to play as Street staples such as Ken Barlow, Rita Sullivan or Gail Platt, it's not known yet. In fact, not much is known at all as to plot, price or who actually thought this would be a good idea.

Still, the soap is certainly a popular one - 78% of the UK's television audience watched it in 2008, and so this could potentially translate into game sales. Potentially.

"We receive thousands of fan letters enquiring about the series every month", said ITV executive Aysha Kidwai.

"We're responding to this huge demand by developing a range of exciting and innovative family targeted products inspired by the show".

Yes, she said products. A board game is also planned, titled Destination: Coronation Street. We can hardly wait.

As for Coronation Street DS, the game is set to be released just in time for Christmas, handily. Who's going to be lucky enough to get it in their stocking?