Avanquest Software has announced it will be launching an interactive guide for learner drivers to help them prepare for their driving theory test.

Set to be released in March 2009, Pass Your Driving Theory Test will be available for the Nintendo DS and will feature all 1265 official DSA questions for cars and motorbikes, as well as explanations for every answer.

Apparently 40% of people who take their theory test fail, and at £30 a pop, it can get pretty pricey. Pass Your Driving Theory Test DS should help you prepare, with mock tests and the ability to create a tailored revision schedule to improve your weaker areas.

There are four different test modes for users to assess themselves.

First up is the DSA test, which allows users to test themselves on a certain category in order to improve a specific area.

Secondly, users can choose the custom test, which allows users to make up their own exam by specifying the number of questions from each of the 14 DSA official categories, this should help widen and develop their knowledge.

If users are in a bit of a rush, there is the Quick Test option that enables learners to do a rapid revision session of 10-40 randomly selected, timed questions.

And when they're feeling really confident, the final mode is the mock theory test, which gives users 57 minutes to answer 50 questions - just like the real thing.

Pass Your Driving Theory Test DS will be released in March and will be priced £19.99.