A few days after the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) passed GTA's DS outing Chinatown Wars without any cuts to content, the board has also passed the controversial Wii title MadWorld.

Branded "the most violent video game ever" by who else than the Daily Mail, the game from Sega sees you taking control of a chainsaw-wielding man named Jack, slashing his way through enemies and anyone else that gets in his way.

Designer Shigenori Nishikawa has said before that he hoped people would see the game in a comical light, rather than out and out extreme violence, yet did admit that the level of gore may mean the game will not be released in Japan.

The BBFC passed the game without any changes or censoring of content, but did of course award it with a full 18 certification.

"From our testing of the product, there was clearly no reason for us to intervene at the adult level", a BBFC spokesperson said.

"We clearly had no problems with MadWorld. If we had, we wouldn't have classified it; it's as simple as that".

MadWorld will be released in the UK and North America in March.