The first of three downloadable content packs for Fallout 3 has been confirmed for 27 January.

Bethesda has confirmed that Operation: Anchorage will cost 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80), and will be available from both Xbox Live Marketplace and Games for Windows Live. The extra content is Microsoft-exclusive, so PS3 gamers will unfortunately have to go without.

Operation: Anchorage will add a military simulation mission to the game, that will see players taken back to a pre-nuclear wasteland world. The main job here is to repel Chinese invaders by being part of a special ops team.

In total, you can expect around 5 hours of content for your money, as well as a new perk and a number of new items and weapons to collect.

Once you've worked your way through the first DLC episode, you won't have long to wait until the next. The second episode, The Pitt, will be released in February, followed by Broken Steel in March.