The Xbox Marketplace team made a bit of a mistake on Wednesday and released downloadable content for Midnight Club: Los Angeles before it was ready.

However, Xbox has advised any gamer that was quick enough to get their hands on it for the brief time it was up, should be removed from your system or it may cause problems when playing the game.

Xbox EMEA community manager Graeme Boyd wrote the following on his blog:

"The Marketplace team has mentioned to me that a batch of Midnight Club: LA content went up accidentally on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this morning. It has since been removed, but you may have had the chance to download it while it was up there.

"If you did and if it's sitting on your hard drive you should delete it -- reason being that it was being tested when it was mistakenly put live and therefore it may not work properly, the Achievements won't register and could cause you problems with your Midnight Club: LA game saves".

Of course, the sceptics among you may decide that this is just a scare tactic to make you wait until the official release, but as it's going to be free anyway, it may be worth the wait to be safe.

The DLC was scheduled for release in "early" 2009, and as it seems to be in testing stages then hopefully there isn't much longer to wait.