Microsoft has so far been pretty good at keeping Xbox Avatars in nice new clothes, and the biggest bonus is that they've all been completely free.

Another update today sees a number of difference items being added to Avatar closets for you to try on for size.

Guys will be able to get their hands on a pair of embroidered trousers they always dreamed of, and will be able to team them with a choice of striped polo shirt, striped polo jacket, checked polo jacket or open neck cardigan.

For the fun of it, the guys also get "suspenders with hi pants" for dress up. And in "suspenders" we think, and hope, they mean "braces" and not the first thing that came to our mind.

Up for grabs for the girls is a similar offering of well-to-do clothing, including a hacking jacket, chinos with belt, lavender polo shirt, rainy day boots and scarlet pumps.

You'll find these available in your Avatar closet now, marked with a star to help you find them quickly. And as with the other releases, they are all completely gratis.