Thrustmaster has unveiled a new joystick at CES in Las Vegas, that boasts "incredible" accuracy thanks to new magnetic sensor technology.

The T.16000 M joystick features Halleffect Accurate Technology, or H.E.A.R.T as Thrustmaster so delicately markets it, which uses 3D Hall Effect magnetic sensors built in to the stick. These sensors apparently allow 256 times more precision than other systems currently available.

The new technology also offers an additional benefit of removing all friction from the device. This therefore prevents against mechanical wear and ensures the precision of the joystick is consistent over time.

Finally, the absence of dead zones further increases the accuracy of the T. 16000 M, a feature evident by the green backlighting that illuminates as soon as the joystick is moved.

The joystick is fully Plug & Play and completely customisable, allowing it to be set up to suit both left and right handed gamers. It is set to be released in February with the price tag of £49.99.