Epic Games has announced that a new "major" bug fixing patch for Gears of War 2 will be coming sometime in January.

In a post on the official Gears of War forum, Epic vice president Mark Rein promised the second patch for the game would be delivered before the month was out - but no firm date was given.

The patch will address the ongoing multiplayer issues including the ability to wield an invisible shield, wield a shield along with a two-handed weapon, melee opponents through walls and gain infinite Lancer machine gun ammunition.

Other issues will also be addressed as well, including increasing penalties for players who quit matches early, adding additional spawn protection against planted grenades and chainsaw attacks, and fixing the issue of lag when using the Gnasher shotgun.

New achievements are set to be added as well, and while we don't have any specifics, we do know they'll be related to downloadable content.

Even better than all this, Rein has promised that as soon as this update is released, the team will be hard at work on the next.

"Once it's done we'll start working on the next update", Rein wrote. "We'll try to do a better job keeping you informed of our progress on future updates and we'll try to be a little more active in the forums once this update is released".

A full list of improvements and additions hasn't been released yet, but head over to the Gears forum to read Rein's post of everything announced so far.