If you're wanting to burn off those Christmas calories, a new iPhone and iPod Touch app has been released that should help you do just that, without having to get up and go to the gym.

Although we have seen some apps that have helped you track your process at the gym and the like, this is the first app we can think of that behaves in a Wii Fit-style, by playing an active part in your workout.

PushupFu was conceived, designed and coded by UK developers Jof Arnold and Benjie Gillam, and is the first in the new FuApps series, which will produce exercise apps and mini-games based on fitness.

All you need to do is strap the iPhone or Touch to your arm, run the app and do push ups. PushupFu will count how many you do, and also shout instructions like your own personal trainer.

Once you complete a full set of pushups, your progress is recorded for you to monitor. You can also use these stats to challenge a friend to a pushup battle. You'll score points for the number of pushups ups you do, and then more for winning battles. You can then submit your scores to a leaderboard to compare how you're doing with others using the app.

The app is currently selling for £1.79 on the App Store.