2K Game's global president Christoph Hartmann has both praised and criticised UK gaming retail, saying it's the best at creating a buzz around a product, but also the first to move it to the bargain bin when sales drop.

Hartmann believes this impatience is putting the UK gaming retail in danger of losing out to digital distribution, as music has done in recent years.

"The best thing about UK retail is also the worst", he said.

"There is nowhere else in the world where games are presented as well as at UK retail. Your guys really understand how to create a buzz and an event around a product – even compared to the US. But by the same token, they’re willing to take less and less risk over what that product is".

Hartmann blamed UK retailers for being so quick to slash prices on recently released games in order to make way for new releases, and also wanting to make money from games early on, rather than waiting for the consistent income from older games.

"UK retail slashes prices if something’s not quite hitting its numbers", he added. "I’m not talking about a big gap – I’m talking about expecting to sell 1000 and selling 950".

"That attitude to some degree killed the music business. By concentrating on the highlights, they up their revenue short-term – but they’re driving certain important customers away".