American gamers pre-ordering Killzone 2 with Amazon ahead of its 27 February release, will get some exclusive PS3 Home costumes as an extra freebie.

Exclusive to Amazon, the costumes will allow you to customise your Home avatar to look like an ISA Soldier, a Helghast Assault Trooper, or a mixture of the two.

Costume pieces will be available for your head, torso, legs, hands and feet, so you can do a full body makeover or add just a few hints of Killzone to your avatar.

Amazon has said that codes to access the bonus costumes will be sent no more than ten days after the game releases, and that the game must be sold and shipped by to qualify.

Unfortunately, there is no such offer on the Amazon UK listing of the title. Just to tease you, have a look at the gallery for a few images of what you could expect.