PlayV has announced a range of educational titles set to be released for Nintendo DS in February 2009.

The series, called Mind Your Language, will teach users a variety of foreign languages including Spanish, French, German and Japanese, and is fully accredited by international language school Inlingua.

PlayV’s marketing manager Brian Faller said: "We’re really proud to be launching Mind Your Language on Nintendo DS. As a language learning aid, its unique approach is a breath of fresh air compared to existing titles, which rely too much on the Brain Training or phrase book templates.

"Mind Your Language does something other methods can’t make – it makes learning language genuinely fun for anyone, no matter how young or old".

Each title will focus on one language, and is divided into four levels of difficulty. Players will start with learning the basics, leading to focussing on sentence structure and grammar later on.

Players will play through a series of mini-games to collect nouns and verbs, to help them gain an understanding of the language. They will also be tested throughout the game to check their progress.

The Mind Your Language games are set for release on 13 February 2009.