The first sports based MMO RPG is set to enter its next phase of development, and open the game up to the general public to try out.

Empire of Sports is an online world entirely dedicated to sports-based game play, including tennis, football, skiing, bobsleigh and basketball, as well as track and field.

Having kept the game playing community to a minimum during the initial private launch phase to generate feedback from the community, Empire of Sports has announced it is now ready to welcome a wider audience to help improve it before its official launch next year.

Over the last few months, the developers have made a number of changes based on community feedback, such as improving gameplay mechanics, community tools and group dynamics.

It is hoped such improvements will continue when the game enters its "Prologue" phase.

The aim of the game is to train your avatar up to grow their skill sets and become the best in the world of sport. Players are able to purchase in-game items to help with their strength, stamina, and all-round performance.

While the game is in Prologue phase, gamers will be able to download Empire of Sports online free of charge. Head on over to the website for more information.