Demos for WipEout HD and Metal Gear Online are coming just in time for Christmas, with Sony and Konami respectively announcing they will be releasing the game teasers on 24 December.

From WipEout HD you can expect one track, which you can play as many times as you like. You'll just have to put up with seeing all the other tracks you can get your hands on if you buy the full game when you finish your race.

The good news though is if you like the free demo, you'll be able to go to the PlayStation online shop via the game and buy WipEout HD at a reduced price. There's no news as to the price, but WipEout HD is currently priced at £13.99, so you can expect it to be less than that.

Metal Gear Online's demo on the other hand, will give you access to three maps - Blood Bath, Gronznyi Grad and Midtown Maelstrom - in seven modes. These include DM, TDM, Rescue Mission, Capture Mission, Base Mission, Sneaking Mission and Team Sneaking.

The demo will support 16 players supported and customisable characters.

Konami has apparently set up dedicated servers for the demo "to ensure that newcomers...are not overcome by its 1,000,000 registered - and highly-skilled - users", and they'll be up until 16 February. You'll be able to get hold of the demo until 29 January.