A police raid at a shop and home premises in Cardiff has netted 1800 copyright-infringing game copying devices.

The game copying devices bypass the technical protection measures of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite handhelds and enable gamers to play illegal Nintendo game software.

A 21-year old man has been arrested. It seems he had imported the game copying devices and was selling them on a website discovered by ELSPA investigators. Alongside his illegal business, the accused was also claiming benefit.

Every single device he'd ever sold in two years had been recorded with delivery slips, and on top of the 1800 seized, another 1000 were found at his home ready for sale. Several hundred were packed and ready for posting.

Michael Rawlinson, managing director of ELSPA, said: "Our team in the Intellectual Property Crime Unit (IPCU) has stepped up its fight against counterfeiters stealing game software and other intellectual property rights of our members. Increasingly sophisticated tracking techniques make it harder than ever for the thieves to avoid detection".

"ELSPA advises all gamers, parents and gifters to buy hardware and game software from respectable retailers – offering proper protection for their outlay".

David Yarnton, Nintendo UK General Manager, added: "Nintendo is serious about taking actions against those involved in the manufacturing and distribution of game copying devices".