Frogster Interactive has announced the multiplayer online RPG Runes of Magic has now gone into open beta.

The game already has 190,000 gamers registered, and the start of the open beta will see Frogster activating all implemented content.

To make sure nobody from the closed beta has any advantage over new players, all characters from the closed beta will be deleted and have everyone starting again at level one.

Upon first entering the world of Taborea players need to decide on the server type by deciding how they prefer to play their game. Players who prefer to fight against other players in the game world anywhere and at any time should choose a PvP server. Players, who prefer to quest in peace and only intend to fight against other players in a controlled surrounding should choose a PvE server.

The game will also be getting into the festive spirit on 19 December when Christmas will arrive in Taborea with special themed event costumes and quests. These events will be accompanied by a competition on the official Runes of Magic websites that will give players the chance to win a rare in-game Christmas mount.

Free to play, Runes of Magic features 1000 quests in a world full of wizardry and adventure. Players can choose between six main classes, with all characters possessing unique skills.

As well as the combat and adventure side of the game, there is also the possibility for players to create their own virtual homes and fill it with individual furniture of their choice.

Taiwanese developer Runewaker has said it will provide new challenges for players every three to four months with free add-ons and updates.

MMO fans up for a new challenge can find more information, pictures and videos on the official game website.