Scrabble for DS has come under fire after a mother bought the game for her son and found it spelling out rude words.

Tonya Carrington told the Daily Mail she was "taken aback" when she tried the game out for herself and found her computer-controlled opponent spelled out the word "t*ts".

The game did give the primary definition for the word as "a garden bird" but then also noted it was "an informal word for female breasts". Other words which Tonya took offence to included "toke" and "sh**".

To top it all off, the computer opponent apparently won the game with a triple score for the word "f***ers", qualified as a slang word for chavs.

Apparently Carrington bought the game from Asda as she wanted to help her son improve his English skills. She complains that the box carries a 3+ age rating with no warnings about adult language at all.

Her son Ethan is now banned from playing the game.

"Nintendo is on the Christmas wish-list of every kid, and parents need to be warned", Carrington said.

A Ubisoft rep has stuck up for the game saying there is a Junior setting on the game that prevent any risque words cropping up, but Carrington is standing firm.

"I read the booklet that came with it, and there was no mention of a junior version", she said.

"It should be made much clearer".