Namco Bandai has released the mobile game More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima, that should keep your brain ticking over during the Christmas holiday.

The game introduces fifteen new brain-testing games officially tested by Dr. Kawashima of DS Brain Training fame, and in a move to give the genre a new competitive streak, users of the game can now upload their More Brain Exercise scores to an online ranking system and compare their results with other gamers around the world.

Users can choose to evaluate their brain age, follow the daily brain training programme, or play additional games from the brain training selection. Up to three different profiles can be stored in the game so users can pit their wits against their friends using the same handset.

As a bonus feature, More Brain Exercise also features a selection of Sudoku puzzles for gamers to have a go at.

To celebrate the launch of More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima for the mobile platform, Namco Bandai has also developed a More Brain Exercise web site, viral game and Facebook application.

Log on to the website to try out a few games and for more information.