Steven Spielberg has said that he believes movies are starting to take inspiration from video games, rather than the other way around.

Speaking to Yahoo, he thought back to his first time playing Pong and how far the industry has come since then.

"I think film-makers are learning things from videogames", he said. "Movies are starting to look more and more like videogames, like the digital introductory teasers videogames give you before they turn control over to the player".

"A lot of movies, like this movie with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy called Wanted. It had a lot of videogame savvy. The Bourne Ultimatum had a lot of videogame savvy in the quick cuts and the audacity of camera angle".

Spielberg is no stranger to either genre, adding the critically-acclaimed Boom Blox game released earlier this year to his list of successes in the movie industry.

He's currently working on the second game with EA, known only as LMNO, that will be a "movie-type story" for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There's no news on when we can expect it as yet, but you can be sure we'll get you all the details as soon as they're available.