Time Magazine has named Grand Theft Auto IV as the best game of 2008.

In it's list of the top ten games of the year, the magazine described GTA IV as "a grade-A shoot-'em-up that doubles as an interactive novel and triples as a sly critique of American consumer culture".

The popular XBLA platform game Braid came in second in the list, followed closely by Sony's LittleBigPlanet.

Rock Band 2 made the fourth slot, but interestingly its rival Guitar Hero was no where to be seen.

More than earning its position at half way up the list is Gears of War 2 at five, which topped Dead Space and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed coming in at 6 and 7 respectively.

A rather unknown flash game, Hunted Forever, took up eighth place with popular iPhone and iPod game Fieldrunners in ninth.

Rounding up the top ten was Spore, the evolution game which took up a lot of our news stories earlier in the year.

There were a few games missing from the list which probably deserved to make it, such as Metal Gear Solid, Fallout 3 and Wrath of the Lich King, but every gaming critic to themselves.

Do you think the list was justified? Leave us a comment and let us know which games you think should have made the top ten.