Three new action-packed releases are in store for the Virtual Console update this week.

First up for 800 Wii Points is the old classic, Space Invaders, where your mission (as if you need to be told) is to destroy the invaders in the skies above. Using only the surrounding barriers for protection from them, you must destroy the invaders before they make their way to the ground.

In this version, there are different modes that recreate the many incarnations of the original, such as the iconic upright cabinet or the original black and white display. You can even pit your wits against a friend in the game's VS Mode. Retro gaming at its best.

Next, is side-scrolling military action game Metal Slug 2 up for grabs for 900 Wii Points. Your task is to wipe out bad guy Morden's remobilized Rebellion Army - as well as avoid the poisonous gas coughed up by mummies. Luckily you'll get an updated arsenal from the first game to help you and you can play either as a one-man army or team up with a friend to try to overthrow the rebellion.

Finally experience the Mega Drive original, Forgotten Worlds, one of the first games to feature 360-degree aiming and shooting capabilities.

Costing 800 Wii Points it is set in the 29th Century, when a terrifying alien race has invaded Earth, and enslaved the human race. As a Nameless One, brought up in secret to be their saviour, you are one of only two super-powerful humans whose fate it is to save the world from these aliens and restore planet Earth to its former glory. No pressure though.

All these titles are available now on the Virtual Console. Enjoy.