DJ Hero may not have been officially announced by Activision apart from a small acknowledgement of its existance in October, but it seems Dutch trance DJ Tiesto has outted it anyway, speaking about it in his newsletter.

It seems that Tiesto will lend his name and music to a separate DJ Hero game, no doubt similar to that of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. His newsletter also claims that we'll be seeing the game on our shelves next summer, therefore suggesting we'll see the original title released before that.

Tiesto said: "I am very excited about this. I think this is a great way to introduce people into Djing. Maybe they realise it's not as easy as they think. I am sure this brings new fans to the scene. Dance music is not far from hip-hop for example. Hopefully the music I have composed appeals to all kinds of fans".

The game is rumoured to come with a turntable peripheral and is said to be under development with UK-based B-Boy developer FreeStyleGames.

We'll keep you up to date with any news on the game.