Resellers are cashing in on the shortage of Guitar Hero World Tour, offering their products for sale at a much inflated cost compared to the RRP.

In fact analysts at Cowen and Company put the game's "underperformance" down to limited supply and not to actual demand. It's hoped the upcoming release on PS2 will help to solve this.

However it was Cowen and Company that noted the game's poor supply was allowing resellers to sell the full kit at a higher price.

"In order to assess continued demand for the title, we conducted proprietary channel checks both at major online retailers and at bricks-and-mortar retail locations across the country."

The company added: "Resellers on are pricing the band kit at close to $300, well above the $189 list price."

It seems that the UK's Amazon site is not seeing such inflated prices, so get yours on order before the same happens here.