Konami has announced its updated and enhanced version of arcade-favourite GTi Club is set for release for PS3 on December 4th.

Available direct from the PlayStation Store, GTi Club+ Rally Cote D’Azur boasts all-new HD visuals and widely expanded gameplay elements.

A classic race against the clock game, GTi Club+ is made up of a giant game map that is gradually opened up as you break certain records.

Boasting 720p graphics and running at 60fps, the game offers five distinctly different licensed cars for you to choose from, including an Austin Mini Cooper, Renault 5, Fiat A112 Abarth, Lancia Delta and the VW Golf GTi. You can even choose to compete via the solo mode or against up to seven other people online.

GTi+ Club has three difficulty settings you can choose from, and supports the PlayStation Eye peripheral allowing you to send images to your rivals mid-race when competing online.

Other new elements include a Sat Nav system to help find your way around the huge courses, instant replays, 5.1 sound including which includes a remix of the original game's music by Atjazz, and player-to-player voice comms.

Konami has said it will also make further expansion elements available in the future, including new cars.

The game will cost €14.99 (around £12.50) from the PlayStation Store and is available from December 4th. Just in case you forgot.