eDimensional has once again teamed up with modding design supremo Ben Heckendorn to create the Access Controller, compatible with the Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and PC platforms.

The eDimensional Access Singlehand Controller allows those who only have one hand dexterous enough to play games, to enjoy their Playstation and PC in a completely new way.

Allowing total control of games with one hand, the Access Controller represents a completely new way to play games.

Each control function found on a regular gamepad, such as analog sticks, D-Pad, shoulder buttons and face buttons, is accessible and built into its own module. The device splits the different elements into different modules that pop in and out of the various spaces available and can be arranged in any way gamers choose.

Its concave design means you can rest it on a leg or a table and provides proper balance and resistance for optimal responsiveness. The controller also comes with a wireless adaptor that communicates with the PS3, PS2 or PC, allowing for more comfortable gaming.

The controller is available now for £79.99 from Amazon.