Japan's most famous export Hello Kitty is set to make her debut on the Nintendo DS outside of Japan on November 28th.

In Hello Kitty Big City Dreams, you play as Hello Kitty herself, as you explore what Empire Interactive describe as a "whole new world of excitement, fun and friends". How sickeningly lovely.

Big City Dreams contains a number of game elements for young gamers to enjoy, including a city to explore, the chance to meet new friends, a "changing rooms" theme that allows gamers to redecorate Kitty's apartment, and the chance to choose new outfits for Hello Kitty.

The colourful Big City that you'll wander around is separated into three different areas areas, in which you'll meet all of Hello Kitty's friends along the way.

In the first you will find Hello Kitty's customisable apartment and be able to explore its open spaces and parks around her new home. As you explore you can take a swing at baseball with Pochacco, take to the water and photograph the Big City's wildlife with Kuririn's boat trip, or skip along with the Twin Stars.

Next, you can take a bus or train from outside Hello Kitty's apartment to help My Melody in her fashion store, where you can choose Hello Kitty a new outfit. Don;t forget to stop for a bite to eat at Tuxedo Sam's restaurant and take part in his Restaurant Rush challenge.

Finally, get ready for some thrills and spills in the Entertainment area. Ride on a rollercoaster, brave Batz Maru's Haunted House, or move to the groove with Hello Kitty's friend Dear Daniel in his dance game.

You can pre-order the game for your little lovelies now on Amazon for just under £18.