Microsoft has launched a new Starter Pack designed for those with the base model Xbox 360 Arcade console in an attempt to help get them fully Live-integrated.

Although Arcade users can currently get online, the lack of hard drive means that they struggle to download any games or extra content from Xbox Live.

This proved to be a problem when it was announced that the New Xbox Experience would require 128MB of storage to operate, and so Microsoft announced plans to offer a free memory upgrade in the form of a 512MB memory card.

However, this still won't go too far towards being able to store downloaded content so for those who want to go a step further for full online interaction, the new pack is just the ticket.

It includes a 60GB HDD, a headset, Ethernet cable and three month Xbox Live Gold subscription. It's set for release in the US on November 4th for $99, but as yet no release dates for elsewhere have been announced.

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced that we can expect the Starter Kit in the UK on November 19th for £59.99. The rest of Europe can expect it on November 21st for €79.99.