The new Lord of the the Rings game, Conquest, has been confirmed for release in January 2009.

Being developed by Pandemic, the same team who put together Star Wars Battlefront, the action game is set for release "internationally" on 9th January, and 13th January in the States.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest will give you the chance to play as baddies such as Cave-trolls, Oliphaunts and even Sauron, or choose go with the good guys.

"Players will finally be able to fight through Middle-earth along the frontlines of good or evil," said Pandemic boss Josh Resnick.

"And what Lord of the Rings fan hasn't fantasised about joining Sauron's army to slay Hobbits?" he added.

The game is being developed for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.