Activision has announced that the The Raconteurs and Jimi Hendrix will be some of the artists we can expect as downloadable content for Guitar Hero World Tour next month.

The Hendrix songs will be up first on 13th November with a three-track pack made up of "If 6 was 9", "Little Wing" and a live version of "Fire". That will hit Xbox Live for 440 Microsoft Points (around £3.75) and PSN for $5.49 (around £3.43).

The Raconteurs' offering is another three-track bundle made up of "Salute Your Solution", "Hold Up" and "Consolers of the Lonely". It will be available on 20th November for the same price as the Hendrix pack.

The songs will also be available to be bought separately for 160 Microsoft Points (around £1.36) on Xbox Live, or $1.99 (around £1.25) on PSN. Activision has also said they will be made available for Wii owners via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection too, for 200 Wii Points (£1.50).

As yet, the UK is still waiting on a date for the release of the game, which was released this week in America.

It's thought that Activision wants to be sure that the game can make the release date before it announces it - but Brian Bright let slip at the US launch party earlier this week that it was "a week away" from release in Europe.