Namco Bandai has confirmed it will be closing all servers for online RPG Hellgate: London, on 31st January 2009.

The future of the game, which is coming up to the first anniversary of its release on October 31st, became unclear after its developer Flagship Studios was closed in July.

The game's sister project Mythos, which was late into its beta stage, was abandonned and the Hellgate has been hanging in the balance ever since.

In a "gesture of support", Namco has said it will be providing the servers free of charge until the shut down date.

Still, fans of either may still have a glimmer in hope in the form of Asian publisher T3, which has the rights to the games. Sources say it was last heard to be setting up a new studio to carry on working on the RPGs.

Be it true or not, two things are clear for now. Namco Bandai will no longer be involved, and you can expect quite a wait before you see the once heavily-hyped game back on our computer screens.