Ascaron has today released Audiosurf - a cheap and cheerful puzzle racer that adapts and changes to the beat of your music.

You'll cruise through futuristic trakcs, with the speed, shape and mood of each ride being decided by the song that is playing, so you can decide if you want a nice, calm journey or an adrenaline-fuelled downhill rush.

Of course, this makes for endless playability because each racetrack is unique to the song that is playing.

The aim is to gain points by racing through coloured blocks on different sections of the track. By collecting blocks of the same colour, a cluster is created and the blocks disappear, replaced by points on the scoreboard.

You can then submit your scores into online leagues, that are set up for specific songs. Most popular so far include Knights of Cydonia by Muse, The Day That Never Comes by Metallica, Handlebars by Flobots and I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry.

You have the choice of 14 different characters, and each one has its own abilities that you'll find handy around the track. Some are able to jump over, move or drag blocks, while others can operate two vehicles at the same time. There are also extra things to keeps your eye out for as you speed around the track, such as power-ups and bonuses.

So far the game has received pretty good reviews, so it may well be worth a look, especially with its price tag.

The game is for PC and supports all the major music formats including MP3 and music straight from iTunes. It's available now for £9.99 from GAME, Amazon and Play.