Not satisfied that it currently takes up around three hours of our TV programming on a Saturday night, The X Factor 2008 now has its own mobile game, developed by Namco Bandai.

The idea behind "The X Factor 2008 - The Mobile Game" is that you guide your character through each stage of the show, performing mini games and choose how to spend your free time in order to reach your goal of musical stardom.

Throughout your fight to launch your single and get to number one, your story will be conveyed in magazine articles, through text message from friends and family, and fan feedback throughout the competition.

It's a much more role-playing based experience than other mobile games, and Namco Bandai is hoping it will draw in a new generation of mobile gamers.

Barry O’Neill, President of Namco Bandai Networks Europe, commented: "The X Factor is in many ways a national institution, giving us the opportunity to target a younger generation of mobile gamer.

With more and more people playing casual games on traditional and handheld games consoles, we need to continue to drive users to the mobile platform which offers equally enjoyable experiences but with great convenience.

"Mobile games based on blockbuster shows are proven sellers in every country, representing an exciting opportunity that supports our strategy of developing relevant, engaging content for all users."

The game is available now across all major UK network operators.