If you've had one too many speeding tickets, this may just be the solution to living out your driving thrills without the risk of seeing flashing blue lights in your rear view.

The Multidrive RS racing simulator may not quite compare to the real thing, but it certainly tries its best with pressurised paddles that make the basic mechanics feels realistic, an adjustable seat and 5.1 surround sound that makes sure every rev powers through you.

There is also a 32-inch HD screen for you to play the game on, making the set up all in all beat your TV/wheel combo you might have already.

The downside? Well the size isn't really ideal for those short on space, and it's also set up for driving on the right, which is a bit of a pain for us Brits.

Oh, and it's not exactly pocket change either. If you fancy really emulating the feeling of the open road, you'll have to cough up £2,695 for the privilege. Ouch.