This week WiiWare has two completely different games for you to get your gaming fingers around, one for your brain and one for your brawn.

Firstly get ready to flex your muscles and show off your bowling prowess in Midnight Bowling. You can face up to three friends and play tournaments in bowling spots across the world.

The new physics engine in the game will enable you to control your throws more precisely than ever with your Wiimote, so you can put some serious spin on your ball to outplay your opponents.

Secondly, puzzle game Potpourii allows you to go on a mission with a friend to battle an evil wizard. Turns out he's been messing with the seasons, so snow will fall when the sun is shining, and flowers blossom when the leaves are falling.

A strange purple goo starts to appear too and worst of all, the magic oak of life loses its power.

Using your Mii character, you must help the leprechauns defeat the wizard and restore natural order of the seasons. We could probably do with a helping hand sorting our seasons out too.

Both games will set you back 800 Nintendo Points and are available now.