Xider Games is set to release Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King on Nintendo DS.

Previously a successful PC adventure game, DS gamers will now get a chance to play Assil, an adventurer who has been unlucky enough to pick up a death curse, as well as stumble upon the ancient Ankh amulet.

Now he's on a quest to find the Pharoah to help him thwart the fatal curse, and each character he comes across in his mission will hold vital information or tools to help.

At the same time as this, God of the Underworld Osiris is hot on Assil's path, in an attempt to get his hands on the Ankh amulet. Eek.

Make sure you chat to everyone - the dialogue between the characters provides a bit of witty humour whilst also providing essential clues on how to progress through the game.

Among the colourful character you'll meet, keep your eyes peeled for Assil's girlfriend Thara, the party animal who does not know when to stop; an ancient and frightening Mummy with a bit of a tendency to gossip and the Pharaoh who puts more effort into partying than politics.

The game will be released for Nintendo DS sometime in September, with pricing to be announced.