Nintendo has announced its new action adventure game for Wii, Disaster: Day of Crisis, will be released across Europe on 24th October.

In the game, you'll step into the shoes of Raymond Brycem a retired US marine and former operative of the International Rescue Team. It follows his story over just a 24 hour period

Called back into action to deal with the threat of SURGE, an ex-military terrorist unit threatening nuclear warfare. There's the perosnal twist in it for Ray too, in that he needs to save the sister of his dead friend who has been kidnapped by the bad guys. What a co-incidence.

It's a single-player adventure with a 23-stage storyline, which should keep you occupied. Gameplay varies from exploring devastated city streets for survivors to shooting, swimming and driving sequences.

Throughout the game, you are awarded Survival Points and Battle Points which are vital for improving Ray's abilities and ensuring he has the skills needed to overcome the game's hard-bosses, survive the effects of the eartquakes, hurricaines and floods thrown your way and of course, rescue Lisa.

You'll get Survival Points for rescuing civilians throughout the game, while Battle Points will be awarded for killing enemies. Survival Points can improve things such as Ray's strength or mental ability, while Battle Points can purchase new weapons or tune your current one.

Once you;ve completed the game, there's more modes that should keep you revisiting the game, such as a shooting range and a staminas campaign, not to mention loads of hidden content to unlock.

If all this has whet your appetite, pencil October 24th into your diaries now.