Lian-Li Industrial has launched the PC-XB01 chassis for the Xbox 360, that will make your console look more PC than Xbox, but solve a number of problems you may have experience at the same time.

It's basically a replacement chassis that solves heating issues from hot components and reduces noise from vibrating optical designs - both problems you may have experienced with the original case design.

You'll need a bit of DIY knowledge in order to utilise the PC-XB01, in that you need to transfer the components from one chassis to another. However, once that is done, you'll never have to worry about your console getting hot again.

The PC-XB01 is an all-aluminium black chassis that is spacious enough for a lot of cool airflow. The 120mm (1500RPM) rear fan draws off the heat from inside the case, while the ODD region is encased in foam to reduce noise often experienced from spinning disks.

Your Xbox 360 ports are all hidden behind dust covers to keep the design clean, and there are optional water cooling pipe holes if you want to go that extra step further.

Stand it up like a PC or lie it down depending on your needs - however do bear in mind that with Microsoft being as strict on warranties as they are, once you use the alternative chassis you won't be able to return your console if anything goes wrong.

The chassis will be available from the end of August.