Capcom and Sony Pictures have confirmed that the latest title in the Resident Evil movie franchise will be released later this year.

Dubbed Degeneration, the fully CG-animated title was shown off at Comic Con in San Diego last week.

The title will be debuted in Japan in the Autumn, and will follow on Blu-Ray DVD and PSP release in Norther America later on in the year. No PAL release has yet been confirmed.

This instalment follows the previous "Umbrella Incident" that saw Raccoon City bombarded with a government-ordered missile attack to wipe out the zombie virus.

Following this event, the Umbrella Corporation's stock plummeted, leading to the company's dissolution.

The film picks up seven years later at an airport somewhere in the States where a zombie has been unleashed and is beginning to do that rather unfriendly thing of killing everyone it its path and turning them into the undead... lovely.

We'll keep you updated with any news we hear on a PAL release.